Aldenham Prep School

Location: Riyadh

Client: Aldenham Education Group

The Project.

Get ready for an educational adventure in the heart of KSA! Kidzink Design has partnered with the Aldenham Education Group to bring their vision of world-class learning spaces to life at Aldenham Riyadh.

​We believe that great learning spaces should inspire calm, creativity, and focus. That’s why our classrooms, play areas, and specialist spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodating to every student’s unique pace and style. With plenty of options for group work or solo focus, teachers will love how easy it is to create engaging lessons.

And we didn’t just stop at the classrooms. The canteen is a social hub where kids can enjoy delicious and nutritious food, while the Wellbeing Room is a cozy and reflective space for all students.

The Resource Centre is a nod to Aldenham’s heritage, the somewhat traditional design and décor has a very important nod back to the heritage in the UK, the oldest buildings at the school in the UK are from 1875, though the school itself goes back for far longer – 425 years, with a practical and inviting design that’s perfect for all students.

Get ready to be amazed at the thought and care that went into every corner of this incredible school!