Our Specialities

From complete school fit outs to new lab designs and playground structures, we design and create educational spaces to excite and inspire young minds.




We work with schools and educational settings to revamp and refresh their educational spaces in order to improve the learning environments for their students and teachers.

From school canteens to classrooms, libraries and social spaces, we work closely with each school to bring to life special areas where students and teachers come together to learn, teach and grow.

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Our complete design and planning service allows us to create environments that are tailored to your unique needs. For us, the design process follows the functional requirements of the space, so the finished result doesn’t just look amazing, it also works better for you.

We’ve developed an end-to-end service for you that includes a free consultation, quotation, design, project management, fitting and after sales support.



KIDZINK is unique in providing fully equipped early years classrooms and nursery furniture. We design and manufacture our GAM (Gonzagarredi Montessori) range in Italy and are the curators of the best resources available from across the world. 

We are passionate about the quality of learning and teaching in the early years and have developed into a trusted partner for organisations, schools and early years settings who share our commitment to child-centred pedagogy.



School labs should be safe and innovative spaces. We develop and manufacture student-focused lab designs featuring all the necessary equipment, safety precautions and resources needed.  Our labs stimulate practical experiments, interactive learning and individual development.

Our school science laboratory furniture is durable, functional and cost effective – built to meet the high demands of a busy school lab environment.



We believe a library should be segregated enough for children to feel independent but open enough to allow interaction. Therefore, we create inspiring library spaces that are a combination of quiet reading areas, collaborative spaces and technology driven features.

We work with schools to create a unique long-lasting solution to cater to their students’ needs, curriculum requirements and visions.



Over the last few years we have been successful in expanding our educational products and services into the luxury hospitality and leisure industry.

We can design and manufacture furnishings and play spaces for hotels and restaurants aimed at children aged from birth to teens. We can work with you on outdoor play areas and play equipment, as well as indoor kids clubs, craft areas and interactive toys and games.



Research tells us that children thrive when they have opportunities for freedom, independence and active learning beyond the classroom. We know that the outdoor environment offers great physical challenges, creative potential and opportunities to experiment on a large scale.

Energized by the great outdoors, we create playgrounds and playground furniture that provides freedom for children to actively engage with their environment. Fully immersed in all of the opportunities to explore, think creatively and play imaginatively. In a well-designed and resourced, stimulating environment all of these things are possible – and more.



We create multi-sensory spaces and equipment, which are safe, interactive and exciting. Suitable for schools, hospitals, health centres and private homes, each sensory room is tailor-made to suit our client’s unique requirements.

Our goal is to provide a sensory room where people of all ages and abilities can benefit in a safe and relaxing environment, be it for the calming or stimulation of the senses



From sixth form common rooms to lunch canteens and university wellness areas, we specialise in creating social spaces that bring people together and promote positive physical and mental health.

We will work with you and your brief to offer you a space that is calming, collaborative and compliant with all your needs.